The power of background music of movies

@kevinll (967)
January 25, 2010 12:03am CST
I don't care more about music of movies. After I watch Avatar I like the music of Avatar. It can promote the movie forward and make it more wonderful. Good music can be part of movie. Especially in science fiction, terrible or love movies. It make me recall music of Titanic. The background music make me feel sad about the ending. What's your opinion?
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@leeloo (1494)
• Portugal
25 Jan 10
All movies are a mix of all it's parts, the thing is the score of a film sets it's mood. A film can make a movie work or not, there are very few films that if the sound were removed would be as good or make as much sense. There are types of music that on hearing we know that something is going to happen, like one of the characters is a villain without anyone saying it just by the music when they move. The thing is without giving too much away, for people who have not seen the movie yet, the ending is happiness and for some and sadness for others which is what life is the music shows this loss and the joy.
@youless (93717)
• Guangzhou, China
25 Jan 10
I watched the movie Avatar. The sound effect is great, but I have no more impression to the background music of this movie. But the background music of movies play a main role for the movies. It will be very impressive. I love China
@hirumon (90)
• India
25 Jan 10
Background score is indeed a powerful medium to give life to the movie. Not only on thriller scenes which really needs some powerful score to back them up, other scenes too will have an additional life to them if mixed with right background score. Like you said Titanic background score is one of my ever favorite ones...i still use it as my ring-tone.. Hearing that music alone can conjure an image of Jack and Rose standing at the helm of the ship in my mind..That is the power of background music i say.