doctor not worried

January 25, 2010 2:29am CST
i just came home from the doctor. well not really, i had already taken my lunch and took a nap before writing this. anyway, my doctor said that she is not worried about my wound, it is just than it is taking longer to heal. the area is no longer swollen, and that created a chasm between the stitches. because of this, some raw flesh is exposed and when rubbed with another surface, some bleeding occurs. it is not active bleeding, just very little blood only. she prescribed some surface anti-bacterial ointment this time. i will end my oral antibiotics tonight and will just continue with the ointment until the wound closes. it is quite hard to let it heal because of the area of the wound. it is always in an area where it gets wet from time to time and it gets rub literally several times a day. but i continue to claim healing from this and i believe that all will be so much better tomorrow. it is just quite hard to apply ointment because the area is wet and the ointment curdles upon contact. i have to re apply several times and therefore touch the stitches several times. but i shall prevail. anyway, thanks for being with me in this difficult time. thank you all and God bless you! :D
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@joyadalia (1409)
• Philippines
25 Jan 10
Where exactly is your wound? Maybe it requires plaster to keep in from rubbing with another part of your body. If you really think that your doctor might be wrong, get a second opinion.