Do you cheat on your gir/boyfriend?

January 25, 2010 2:18pm CST
I was curious if you would cheat your partner? If so, in which situation? Or do you think that nothing can get between you?Me, for example, I wouldn't cheat my girlfriend for nothing in the world. I love her too much and I wouldn't do such a thing to her. If I had another girlfriend and I didn't love her too much I don't know if I would cheat her. Maybe I wouldn't just because of the respect for the other person. But if I were to be provoked by a hot girl who has a crush on me, maybe I would do it. I think it depends very much on the situation. What's your opinion? Do you cheat or did you cheat your girl/boyfriend? Under what circumstances would you do it?
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• Romania
27 Jan 10
Hi. I must first mention that I`m not quite the person who believes in love, or faith or other similar things.Yes, I agree that there are person who are likely to form a compatible couple, and this was proven by chemistry.There are those, popularily called smells, that attracts only some types of persons. But, in today`s modern world people get together mostly because of interest, or just because they get along very well, and not because they like each other, or have feelings for each other. So, if this is the case, one is very likely to cheat on his partner, when encountering a "tentation". If you say that you wouldn`t cheat you girlfriend is probably because she offers you everything you expect from a women.However, I am extremely curious what will happen when this stable state will be "shaken".This is the time when most of the relationships fail and I think that the ones who survive are only those that are based on trust. So, to answer the question, I think that I would cheat my girlfriend, if our relationship weren`t based on trust, and if I do not find things that I look at a women.For example, no matter how much I would like the personality of my girlfriend, if she hasn`t got the body I am looking for , I would probably cheat her if I had the chance. In conclusion, I think that relation are based mostly on interest , and when we find someone who has got more to offer(looks,money,moral support, atitude etc), everyone cheats ....
• Romania
28 Jan 10
Even if today a lot of people are just interested in money and power, I don't think this applies to all. I agree with you that trust is one essential key in a relationship and I think that all lasting relationships are based on trust. Personality is important, but the look of a person is also important. We are both body and soul so it is normal to look as well to someones personality as to her/his body.
25 Jan 10
Good Discussion Started... I Have Never Cheated, Never... I Had So Many Situations To Do That,But Didn't, Because In Past, My Previous GirlFriend Cheated, So I Don't Do That,Because I Know What is The Feeling.
• Romania
25 Jan 10
Nice to hear that. If you will always think about how you felt when she cheated you, you will never cheat your girlfriend. Even if it's unpleasant to be cheated, it's a life experience. I appreciate you because you took it as a life experience and you don't cheat your girlfriend for revenge and you think about how she would feel.
@piya84 (2591)
• India
13 Feb 10
No i wont cheat my partner at all in any condition.If there are serious issues then i would first discuss it with my boyfriend and if there is no hope i will break up with him before starting new relationship. People who cheat create mess.They cheat their partner and it hurt both of them.Cheater too feel guilty for his act.