browser war

January 25, 2010 5:45pm CST
nowadays internet became a new hobby for half people.with internet we can get all information what we need with very fast and surfing internet of course we need many browser to choose.i think every browser have strength and weak.for you,what's your favourite browser??and why u use that browser,not other?? i prefer use google chrome to surfing in did not eat much memory and i think it was fast.
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• United States
26 Jan 10
I actually use Safari the most. It's a good fast browser with nice bookmark options and it's very user friendly. I only use Safari because I have a lot of RAM and my computer can handle it. I wouldn't recommend it for anybody with less than 3G of RAM. My second favorite is Chrome because of it's speed. Chrome is my online game browser. No background stuff running to lag my games out and such. I used to use Firefox until it started giving me problems and trying to add worthless app's to the browser. -Tony :o)
• Indonesia
26 Jan 10
yes it was reason i did not use ate memory too much than other.when i read magazine about computer and internet,safari and chrome was the best.mozilla and opera in the second.
@heehaw78 (566)
• Malaysia
26 Jan 10
well i uses firefox since it was in the alpha stage. i prefer using it for during those days it was the only free browser you can download.Chrome has it strength too, but i have not use it before.
• Indonesia
26 Jan 10
the first times i use internet,i use internet explorer.but i always complain about the speed.and then i use mozilla and opera.for this browser i satisfied about the speed.but i prefer to use mozilla because the look was friendly user.but one thing i did not like about mozilla,it ate memory too much.and the first times chrome was launchin, i try to use this browser.i love with the first times i use this did not eat too much memory.and the speed,plus minus as same as mozilla.
• India
29 Jan 10
discussions on browsers are quite profound on mylot. well, as per your query, technically, mozilla's firefox is ahead of every other browser out there. mozilla is able to integrate every feature of each browser, with additional features which makes it the master. as far as the question of other browsers go, opera is low of security features, chrome is too basic for me, and IE is the one with the most loopholes
@thomaslcy (117)
• United States
27 Jan 10
Mozilla Firefox for me. The reasons that I like it is because it provide a lot of useful plugins that make my life easier. In addition, this is open source, so when I have time, I can create some special theme just for myself.
@drakesuyat (1063)
• Philippines
26 Jan 10
i've been using internet explorer eversince and never had any problem until i updated to ie8. things began to slow down especially when loading a page. a friend here adviced me to use mozilla instead and i've been hearing a lot of good features about it. i'll be trying it out as soon as im done reformatting my hard drive. good post ainur_rooney!