What Do You Think About Him?"Barack Obama".

January 26, 2010 1:09am CST
Obama is one of the powerful person aside from other President of other country. Now, ca you identify him in term of his position as a president of the most powerful country? I tranfer my $5.00 from my paypal if you give me your best ideas,observation or any.. For research purposes only.
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@DenverLC (1146)
• Philippines
26 Jan 10
I find President Obama as part of the Americal political history for being the first Black American president after many decades of administration. Aside from being a lawyer, he is also an animal lover, and a good basketball player, these facts manifest a strong personality, healthy brain and body. His wise program, which is the recovery act, captured my attention most. After a favorable vote of 246-184 from the house and a final vote of 60-38, the bill was passed in February 13, 2009. It was officially signed into a law four days after the date of its passage. President Obama signed it believing in its uniquely noble intention, which is a direct response to economic crisis. This act was conceptualized because of the recession that starts last December 2007. Based on a fact sheet report from the house speaker and also from congressional research service (CRS), a staggering 3.6 million jobs have been lost as an effect. It is an unexpected event, but it happens in its least expected time and manner. The aim of said enactment is a long-term growth and stability not only confided in a certain time or situation. The obligation is reciprocal, the government plans and implement what has been promulgated, then the concerned people and businesses will work out to benefit from it. This is an instance where one who is feeling hungry or thirsty, should stand up and find for a sufficient food and fresh water to survive, without waiting for easy graces which often will not come, in the absence of a goal to evade starvation or dehydration. Blessings when acquired through one’s perspiration will surely last and be cared much. These are only some of the facts proving that a leader in faith and action is born. The color maybe black, but the intention is white and pure.