TOYOTA LOTTERY China (E-mail SCAM? Be warned!)

January 26, 2010 1:12am CST
Hello fellow mylotters, I received an email claiming that they are from Toyota china and contains a message that I won the lottery amounting to $1M USD. They said that they jumbled email addresses and luckily I was one of the winners. Wow! How I wish this was true! Suddenly something came into my mind... It is impossible that someone will give away a big amount of money which I didn't join any lottery. Nowadays It is really hard to find money specially in the internet or working online. I searched similar tags in the internet and I found out that this is really a scam... I want to give a warning not to give your personal information. Have you received this email? Don't be fooled... I wanted to copy-paste the message but only a member with 500 or higher ratings can only paste.
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