id,ego and superego

January 26, 2010 6:58am CST
Talked with a friend and surprised to find that I was so different in her eyes. And a roommate once told me that I was a capbable and considerate girl and I didn't think so. Maybe what Freud said was right.Id,ego and superego are levels of a person. And in fact in my opinion, a person is like a polyhedron. Everyone can only see parts of it but not all parts. Even the person himself,he is there but can't see all parts either. Views of other people sometimes can do you good and even can improve your life while sometimes not.
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@jb78000 (15173)
26 Jan 10
freud might have had several silly ideas but people consisting of different layers has something to it. although i think it is way more complex than that. anyway i think you are right, we show different aspects of ourselves to different people, but it doesn't mean that any is fake.