Organic food/fruits - cost more but healthier

@xscout (31)
January 26, 2010 8:40am CST
Anyone into organic fruits? They can cost a lot more than non-organic but taste better and more healthy. An organic apple taste sweeter and more crispy than a non-organic apple, and we can eat the skin without worrying about any pesticides on the skin. Any views on organic food or fruits?
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@sweetbit (75)
• Philippines
13 Jul 10
If I were only financially stable and be able to afford an organic lifestyle, I would definitely go for it. The only problem is the cost. I would love to eat healthier and more nutritious foods, and those are the organic ones. Health awareness is a common thing nowadays. And organic foods top the list in maintaining this. Personally, I would be more at ease eating organic food because I know it would make me healthier.
@bestylish (923)
• Philippines
24 Jun 10
Nowadays, people often eat foods from fast-food chains and rarely eat organic foods. One thing people don't realize is that food from these restaurants can be bad for a person's health especially when they eat too much of it. Organic foods are foods that do not contain dangerous pesticides. It is very nutritious and worth buying since it does not contain any preservatives unlike other foods sold in the market. People may think that as long as it's edible and delicious then it's also nutritious and won't affect the body. Think again! This type of thinking could ruin you. Though there isn't much evidence to show that organic foods contain any more nutrients than non-organic foods; however some organic produce contain more vitamin C and higher quality protein content... as indicated in the article. It may be more expensive for us in growing organic foods but it is still much better for us to know that what we are eating is not associated with different chemicals or preservatives. As I have said, people don't realize that food from these restaurants can be bad for a person's health especially when they eat too much of it. Because of this, people suffer from different diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, and even cancer. These are not the only diseases that a person could get from always eating non-organic foods. From time to time, new disease is discovered from these types of food and unconsciously, people's lives shortened. Let this be a lesson to us to become more aware of our health and let ourselves take good care of our body by inserting organic foods in our diet. Besides, who will take care of our body if we won't? I believe that eating organic foods is much better than to eat non-organic ones. Although I am the type of person who loves to eat but often forgets to eat, I think that we should always check our food diet and be more considerate to our body. This reminded me of how my mom keeps on telling us that we should not always eat food with preservatives such as noodles, junk foods and other foods related to preservatives. It made me remember how she always prepare different types of dishes with ingredients (fruits and vegetables that she planted) which mostly came from our garden.
• India
13 Apr 10
True that all organic foods and nutrition supplements are costly compared to the inorganic foods. but the difference is not only in the cost but also in the health benefits. So inorder to get the good nutritional values from the foods that we eat,it is wise to consume the oraganic foods.
@anjohanna (156)
• Philippines
16 Feb 10
When something is really important, they sell it on a high value. Health is important, so to maintain healthy, we need organic food. That's just my own point of view. And they organic foods comes from provinces, so they charge for the transportation too. That's why the cost is high when they sell it in the market.
@myfb2009 (8304)
• Malaysia
26 Jan 10
Yes, i ever bought organic fruits and vegetables, whenever i passed through the shop selling organic food. It's true that organic food prices are slightly more expensive than those non-organic food. I do bought apples and oranges and even some oats and vegetables from that organic shop. There are indeed some difference in taste, as compared to those non-organic food. If there is an organic shop open nearby my area, maybe i am attempted to buy some organic food for my daily consumption. Since the organic shop is situated far from my area, so i will only buy organic food from it, only when i do passed by that area.
• India
26 Jan 10
Organic foods are richer in nutrients, more than non organic counterparts. morever, organic are not produced the way we produce the non organic ones, so its more hygienic too. if you are getting organic food in your market easily and if you can afford it on a daily basis, then i can advice you to shift from non organic to organic foods. you'll see the benefits in a year :)