Some more tips in making extra money

January 26, 2010 5:57pm CST
Hi there In this times of need and recession, there are lots of money making tips that help people decide on what steps to take to minimize the effect of the financial crisis. People are looking for ways to have a extra income. I chanced upon some tips from yahoo finance. I hope this will add to your pocketful of tips. The recession has been going on for two years now and projected to last until 2012. We must act now to reinforce our income. Check out the link below for some tips. The suggestions here have some tips for online money making, traditional business, and many more. The author called it recessionomics 101. Regards
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@emine08 (1531)
• Indonesia
27 Jan 10
I also try to earn money from internet. and I haven't got any money. thanks for the information. I will check it out right now.
• Philippines
27 Jan 10
Hi friend, be patient. I can see that you have just started here in mylot. I hope that you will stick it out here. Create posts and answer to the discussions. Soon, you will get the hang of things and before you know it, you will be receiving your first earnings here in mylot. One thing is for sure, MyLot pays you. All of your discussions will be rewarded depending in its contents. Just like what the rule says, create quality discussions and participate in the discussions. Take it from me. I have received my first earnings from this site and I'm happy about. I have also set goals to increase my earnings. Stay here for long and you will learn and earn more. Regards
@arthi_88 (1518)
• India
28 Jan 10
I always look out for more ways to make money so thank for this information..I will check it out soon...Any extra money always helps..Even when the recession will end the aftereffect will be continuing for a long time..the world economy will obviously need some encouragement before it can get back to its previous healthy state..Hope all turn well..