Egypt tweenties time travel bread

United States
January 26, 2010 8:04pm CST
Have You ever wanted to go back in time and see a different period of time? Would you see one you liked and stay their? Their are lots I would explorer, but At least two places I would go to that I'm sure of. I would visit Egypt and try different food,but of course not all of it. Maybe bread or A something that looked semi looking good. I would try to discover as much as I can to see what we now today are missing and maybe come back with some secrets of old and turn it into money for me and gold to them that would be knowledge. The other one would be back in the twenties it seem like they had some cool style and house structure somethings seem that their were a hole lot of family time. To walk the streets its seems like it would be cool at night to walk around and see the night with that 20s style. IF for some reason I time traveled some where I stay it better be comfortable, but still not sure were that would be so probably just visit.
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