Well , the world is ....?

January 26, 2010 9:59pm CST
Just now , I was so confused about how to start this discussion , and how to use my words to deliver my thoughts to all of you . The world itself is full of happiness , sorrow , wars , good or bad , harmonious or unharmonious things , and all of us is just an atom of the world , experiencing everything of the world . Perhaps we came across something that is not so good , and was knocked down , there is no doubt that it is painful , but we could learn something from it , anyway , this is what we can get from life . Also , there are moving stories in the world , and we can always get informed about it on tv , radio , or some other mediums , because of the stories , we often regard the world as a so good place to live in , but ... ... there are also some other parts of the world we can see . Wars , unfair things , and sometimes even something that act against ethics and morality ... ... the world is 'such a complex place' ... ... We are here , to be a individual , we all have our own way to adjust to the world , also , choose our own attitude to the world -- either optimistic or pessimistic , either to obey the 'rules' or to break the 'rules' , either happy or unhappy ... ... so , what do you think of the world , it is already a good place , or it is someplace that you like or to be perfected ?
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