The Left Is "All Wee-wee'd Up," Now...But Why?

@Maggiepie (7821)
United States
January 27, 2010 5:33am CST
Rumor from the various talking heads says President Teleprompter, in his S.O.T.U. speech, will "move to the right," in response to the clear message from Massachusetts (& the gobs of polls which prove he's dropping in the ratings (as the French drop guns) re his policies. Yuh, riiiight...but since when can one believe anything that guy says?! 8% unemployment, anyone? Transparency? Guantanamo closed? War over? Racial divide over? No shady, backroom deals with Bug Bucks Wall Street; lots of "free money" to the poor? "Free" health care for every American? Sea level lowered? (Oy! He promised! ) Etc., etc. etcetera??? What I can't believe is that his base--who should know better!--buys that he's going to do more than say he'll move to the right. So my question is, why is the Left so mad? Why would they believe what he says? Not all of them could possibly be stupid enough to buy this sop. He'd lose his base! THEY are the only ones who care to vote for him. He can't be all that worried about mere independents....can he? is a fact that by & large, people are conservative. Since he's gone on record as saying he's happy to be a one-term prez--so long as he gets what he wants--I think I know the reason why he's trying to placate conservative independents. It's because he can't do what he wants if he loses Congress. People by the millions have vowed to oust the Democrats in Congress this year for their Far Left policies, & the only reason "Mr. T." wants them to believe him is so his cronies won't be voted out. He can't do his dirty work alone! So he might go next term, but if the right-leaning indies buy what he says, he thinks the reigning Democrats (i.e., The Far Lefties) in Congress will get to keep their super-majority. Well, relax, you Leftists. He lies, as one brave man dared to tell him (& who's now being beat up by the Left for using his right to speak out know, as the Constitution says he can?), so you should just ignore the "move" to the right. It's only words. You do remember that it was a drooling lapdog, censoring media & his pretty, vague words that got him elected, yes? It certainly wasn't knowledge or experience, goodness knows! Mr. T. repeatedly demonstrates he hasn't any when it comes to, well, anything but "community organizing." So what's with all the sturm und drang, ey?. He lies. Give him a little time. You'll see. Well, you who lack Kool-Aid mustaches will see, anyway. Why else do you think his polls are sinking so fast? Maggiepie VOTING POWER: USE IT OR LOSE IT....
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