scams online,who has authority?

@bryanwmc (1052)
January 27, 2010 11:12am CST
Scams especially PTCs, so commonplace,so open,its downright cheating people but yet, since its done online,apart from warning people to stay clear,there really isnt much that can be done about it,Cheating is almost illegal in all countries and punishable by jail terms,still if done on the internet,authorities seems helpless,shouldnt these perps be held accountable,If only there was a way to bust these people, maybe report them to their respective police in their own countries, these scammers are conmen,cheats..B.s t..rds,they shouldnt be allowed to so openly abuse the confidence of people and get away with it so repeat their scams again and again.. no small sums here..i wonder if there is any organization who has the authority to keep them in check..Interpol maybe..! I think there relly ought to be a policing presence of some sort for online activities,so much illegal stuff going on..blatantly
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@shav9292 (928)
• India
27 Jan 10
i must say,this is by far one of the best discussion topics ive come across,sadly have no considerable amount of replies yet. okay,yes you are right...fraud is fraud online or not,it must be punished.but i think the problem is in the terms and agreement that we have to accept before joining,it can state anything.but the even bigger problem is that websites and servers hosting them can be anywhere in the world,i.e any country ,you only stand a chance to fight the fraud if you are a citizen of the respective country or else it is impossible(at present or the future).your law doesnt neccessarily applly to them.hence the cause of online piracy. the only best thing you can do is research before you join.