Article Spinning or Re-Writes

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January 27, 2010 1:44pm CST
Does anyone have first-hand experience about doing this for a company? From what I understand, it's just doing re-writes on articles that have no byline. I did this for a lady who wasn't the worst client but a little too picky for the pay. I've since inquired about spinning jobs but one guy wanted for people to watch a long, repetitive video about spinning. Then another person wanted for me to open a e-zine articles account and go through some other steps that seemed to be very time-consuming. Not sure if I'll pursue it based on the experience with the lady client mentioned earlier but I am curious about how this works for web writers.
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29 Jan 10
I have done quite a bit of that type of work, for clients. Im not sure what you are wanting to know about it? When it comes to how picky a client should be that all depends on what they are paying for the services. Around a penny a word is going rate for freelance re-writes. Now a lot of people expect to get them for half that but I wont waste my time for less as that is really a low figure. I would not sign up for an ezine account to place other peoples articles on unless they wanted to pay a very good fee. Ezine is pretty strict about the types of articles you can place on the site and if you ever plan on doing online marketing or affiliate programs they are a good source of traffic. In other words you might want to use an account with them for your own purposes. Sometimes I personally prefer re-writes because you do not have to come up with topic you simply reword someone elses articles. If you are going to do this kind of work make sure you ask the client via email if they have the rights to the original article. Some people will snag content off the internet have you rewrite it and claim it as their own. Technically you would not get in trouble, they would but still... just one of my little peeves with clients... lol. I hope I have shed some light on the subject for you. A good place to find freelance work is digital points forums. If you are not a member yet go check them out..BUT..READ their forum posting guides carefully! You can get banned for things you wouldnt believe! Of course you can always simply pm anyone looking for writers and bypass that possibility altogether, that is what I did.
@Cutie18f (9563)
• Philippines
27 Jan 10
No, I haven't done this before but it sounds interesting. However, with that picky lady customer, I don't think I'd want to do that kind of job. It seems like there is no certainty at all. I'd rather use my time here where the earning is sure for as long as you're active, no matter how small, but it is one thing sure.
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28 Jan 10
Hey Cutie, Yes, she was my first oDesk client so there was a lot of tact involved once she showed her true colors. Actually, when I started writing a few years ago, one of my first clients was a copywriter. She paid me under $10 for about 1500 words (I don't remember exactly but it was for a large candy company and Halloween was not far away) and still owes me a few cents to this day. As far as earning here goes, I've noticed there are no tasks listed. I made a few dollars a while back but lately have seen nothing. Have you?