Driving Too Fast?

United States
January 27, 2010 2:10pm CST
I went to an interview yesterday and the day before I took the same test on line just a bunch of stupid questions that I really find a waste of time! And when I got there she said do you have time for a 45 minute test? I sat down at this computer and she said it is not a pass or fail test everyone is required to take it so I sat down and it was the same stupid questions on the test I took before like Have you ever drove over the speed limit? Mind you none of these questions have anything to do with the job I was applying for then other questions like Do you get angry easy? They would give you one word and a list of mutiple answers like what is Repair to? And the answers were like Creative? Destruct? Mend? Hello!!!!! I just thought it was so stupid!! And then she said o there is a math test which I am very bad at! And said don't use a calculator here is a pen and paper and I never seen anything like these math questions in years!!! I just thought that was stupid to take a test that pertains nothing to the job itself and my answer to the question have I ever drove over the legal speed limit? I said yes!!!!
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• Canada
27 Jan 10
That is insane, what type of job were you applying for? I have had some places like call centers make me do a test for typing, see if you can browse the internet, use programs on their computers. I have never see one like that tho!
• United States
27 Jan 10
It was for a call center.[ go figure }I was thinking this is so stupid!!!!!!!!! It had nothing at all to do with the job at all. What was the purpose? I felt like they were trying to see if I was stupid or not. L.O.L. I mean what was the purpose if it was not a pass or fail test?
@paula27661 (15899)
• Australia
30 Jan 10
I’ve had to do weird tests like that before. My sister works for an employment agency and she tells me that the questions are some kind of psychological exam, although I don’t see how such a test can determine one’s psychological state because you can answer the questions truthfully or write down what you think they will want to hear. I don’t know…My sister says you can’t ‘cheat’ as such and they are very accurate...Go figure...