Talking About Hypocrites

January 28, 2010 4:58am CST
Just read an interview article on Elaine Paige and I must admit that coming out ruffled is an understatement here. In a recent interview conducted by the Daily Mail (UK) on how she felt about her idol Susan Boyle an overnight star last year after her audition on Britain's Got Talent which was watched over more than 120 million times worldwide on YouTube. Not forgetting, SuBo as she is currently known, that her popularity on the Internet has translated into three million album sales, making I Dreamed A Dream the fastest selling debut album for a female artist. I felt that this Paige character had forgotten that her idolizing fan did not have it easy to arrive where she is today and she has not been fair or kind in the least with her words. She was so condescending when she quoted that "Britain's Got Talent and The X Factor are just take a bunch of people from real life who think they can sing and try and turn them into overnight "stars" with a couple of songs." No offense here Paige, perhaps you have forgotten that these bunch of people would not or rather never be found and be successful if they do not have talent or the X factor of being an artiste. These people would not have surfaced if not for these "without prejudice" reality shows. Sure speaks volumes about some downright sick narcissism here. Coming as an illustrious artiste like her, who boasts 40 years in showbusiness and a £12million fortune I just felt that she is really out of line and pathetic. I am sure if you are here out there, you would have spoken much better or at least done much more. This is just another outright hypocrite! No offense to all Elaine Paige fans here, but I really prefer to move camp now. Read more:
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@cynthiann (18619)
• Jamaica
28 Jan 10
This is disgusting and says volumes about Elaine Page. You know already that I am so last century with what is going on in the U.K. But I tell you one thing. I did hear of Susan Boyle and I have honestly never heard of Elaine Page. Best of luck to Susan Boyle. She has achieved her dream and may she sing for many years to come.
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• Singapore
28 Jan 10
cynthiann, I am just really disappointed with Paige and did not expect her of all people to be so stooped low. I am really her fan but after this interview, I just cannot find myself supporting such a "pig" if you know what I mean. She is not only sour but mean. P.S. Seems like the article is being relinked to another URL. Ref: