Do u eat ice cream when u were sick?

January 28, 2010 10:27am CST
Hi,dear friends.Here I have a question,do u eat ice cream when u sick?I was not allowed to eat ice cream when I was sick.BCz my parents said it would make disease even worse,but I don't think so.What r about u?What do think about it?
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29 Jan 10
of course when you want some, you just couldn't resist. Now that i think of it now i want some. lol
• Jamaica
29 Jan 10
i love ice cream!!!! dont have to be sick to eat it, so it doesnt really make a difference if im sick or not, as long as im getting ice cream!!!
@warvial (1154)
• Singapore
28 Jan 10
No I don't. Especially if I am having a bad cough, a sore throat, stomach flu etc because I don't have the appetite to eat that. I am more keen on something mild, light and small that I just swallow and that's it. But I do enjoy ice cream when the weather is cold.