What do you do when something makes you angry to the fore?

January 29, 2010 10:29am CST
Hello mylotters.. Something just made me angry today to the point of shouting at the top of my lungs. Unconsciously my anger made me finish the house chores that are left undone for hours. I did it quickly in such a way that i did not even noticed it was finished. After an hour or two with all my energy spent on those chores my anger has died down. How about you guys? what do you usually do when you get very very angry?
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@Janey1966 (24126)
• Carlisle, England
29 Jan 10
This is a very interesting question and thanks for posting it. Erm, let's see..whenever I become REALLY angry I snap at whoever may be near me (usually my poor hubby) then have a good stomp all over the house, then I'm fine after he's made me a cup of tea! I have learned to curb my anger over the years BUT if someone says something to me I really do not like I explode. This has happened at work a few years ago...but it didn't help as I ended up bursting into tears (showing my sensitive side) but the problem did get resolved...the woman bullying me (and others) got sacked, eventually.
@saphrina (31739)
• South Africa
29 Jan 10
Unfortunately i have a VERY BAD temper. If someone or something make me angry, i will rant and rave in a private place for at least an hour. After that i will go after the source of my anger and try to resolve it, if not that poor person, really have to flee. Sorry, but sometimes anyones anger can really get the better of them, no matter how hard you try to be calm. Hope you feel better now. TATA.