If you can choose your own birth day, when will it be?

January 29, 2010 8:22pm CST
I will choose 10.1, because that's our national day, so no one will forget it easily, not like the one i am having now, it was yesterday, 1/29, hard to remember right? And it will be 1.3 billion people in China celebrate the same day with me, that would be so COOL! Best wishes to China!
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• Philippines
30 Jan 10
a belated happy birthday! i was born on 7/11. for many who's familiar with 7eleven stores, it can be easy to remember but it's not like a national holiday or something that is widely known and celebrated. i'm just fortunate that my family and friends always do remember. but given a choice. i want my birthday to be february 14th. not to sound so cheesy but i kinda liked to be greeted happy birthday wishes on a happy hearts' day. also that way, i'll always have something to do on valentine's even if there's no boyfriend or husband around. hehe
• China
1 Feb 10
Wow,,, Valtaine's time. Good choice!
@wesley_lu (379)
• China
1 Feb 10
hi,vivianchen I was born 09/09/1983,all the chinese know this day is the older's day. I think that is a good day,lots of people remember that day. Good day