Should people invest in original LV bags?

January 30, 2010 9:16am CST
Is it necessary if people invest in LV bags? does it matter if it is fake? after all, a bag just serves a function, to carry your things from one place to another. so the question of the day is: do you really need to be spending tens of thousands of dollars on a piece of material that will eventually give way (just as other bags will)? Don;t you think it is wise to give the money to a charitable organization and do some good in this world?
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@clouds0327 (1390)
• Philippines
13 Jun 10
well I agree to that, but other people have their own reasons why they do that, some of them are motivated to work because of it, some of these people's happiness rely on buying stuff for themeselves that they will really treasure. It depends.. I love LV bags but I don't see myself collecting them or something like that. If I get to have alot of money in the future..Just one original bag from them will do. And after that Im happy. I was able to buy some LV bags from the ukay haha... second hand for a very low price the quality is also good though... So,.. again if a person worked hard for it to make himself herself happy then there's nothing wrong with it. As long as we don't forget the most important things before we buy stuff like these.
@Ritchelle (3795)
• Philippines
29 May 10
buying fake bags is giving money away (and with a crime scene investigation show i saw) some fake items are used to finance sinister things. knowing eyes would know it's a fake, anyway. better to settle for real things you can afford. just the fact that you can't afford a real thing means something already, right? no offense. there are a lot of great, reasonably priced items out there and if we can afford it it means we'll look good in/with it.
• United States
1 Apr 10
I absolutely agree with you. I have a bag that I bought at a garage sale for a dollar. All the young girls I work with are jealous of it and everyone asks me where I got it from all the time. When I tell them they're shocked or they call me names. I can think of much better things to do with my money than spend it on purses and shoes.
13 Feb 10
Genuine brand LV bags or fake ones all depends on the buyer of course. Some people would say it's just some kind of money squandering when we get the real ones...But it also is nice having them for the reason that it really is durable and very nice looking...On the other hand, getting more fake ones at the price of one genuine LV is also pleasing and very practical. Both kinds serves the same purpose though...So, should people invest on those? My answer will then be YES if... they have the means and can really afford to buy it. I for one would love to have it but definitely not yet now...But, If I have the money now and when left to choose on buying a genuine LV bag or donating some amount for the HAITI people, no doubt I'll choose the latter...For that's the wisest thing to do for now...
@Cheiyen (317)
• Philippines
12 Feb 10
hello and welcome to mylot, shehnas01! the issue in buying original and copy items isn't new to customers. i think that if practicality is the most important thing for a customer, then he won't mind buying a copy product. many ladies have an idea how much one LV bag costs and it always raise an eyebrow alongside with the comment, "i like it but i won't spend too much money for just a piece of bag." this is also my view of this topic because i bought a copy of LV luggage from Laos (a neighboring country of Thailand) and other copy items there. surely, the first is such a headturner whenever and wherever i travel. people will stare at it first before then check on me and perhaps guess if it's original or not. LOL! i'm not writing this to promote copy businesses (because they're considered illegal and whattabout me? you know what they call people like me... or shall i say, you and me!? hahaha!) but what i mean is that there are more important things for me to spend money on. but please don't get me wrong coz i do buy/own original items like samsung digicam and washing machine, lacoste and rebook sneakers, wilson tennis racket, polo luggage, mango purse, havaianas sandals and etc. (don't wanna list down everything or else it's gonna be an inventory already) LOL! buying or investing your money depends on your lifestyle and career. i understand that people feel great or more famous (if you're a celebrity) when they buy a costly signatured item. celebrities have nothing to lose here. let's say that they swipe their card for it but then they get publicity and for sure, they can get that money back after the item is sold through auction. in short, people who can afford can invest in expensive original items but if your earnings can't make it but still you've got the desire to own one, a copy might satisfy you. after all, only your close friends or colleagues can scrutinize it and those who are familiar with the material of the original can tell the difference. people who buy original products work and earn the money they use in buying them nevertheless someone just give them a huge figure of allowance or money gift, check gift and the like. each one is different and it's true with shopping as well. investing in original LV bags is a luxury, not a necessity. donating to charities is a choice or can be a chance a saintly act when done with sincerity but not a must. it's not how much you give anyway but the heart that gives. enjoy your stay in mylot!
@hexeduser22 (5852)
• Philippines
31 Jan 10
Well a bag is a bag after all but investing on a Louis Vuitton bag is not something all people should do. I mean only do that if you have money to waste and if your poor or just earning enough then don't waste your money on it. Don't climb the social ladder in order not to be labeled as social climber
@alvingb (265)
• Singapore
31 Jan 10
hi shehnas, i do agree with you to a extent. It is true that bags are bags and they certainly serve the main purpose of bringing things around. But to some, this might not be the only thing that they may consider when selecting between a original bad and a non original bag be it a louis vittton or any other branded bag. the reason being there are quite a number of people out there who look for comfort when they buy basgs. People believe that original bags are comfortable then the non original bags. This can be because of the material and the texture of the bag which they are made. Many branded bags use good quality material and products to do their bags. This can include good leather and even good padding and cushion for extra padding and for the strap of the bog for extra comfort. Furthermore another reason why actually go for branded bags could be because of the status that they are in. To some they do take alot of pride in the way they portray themselves. Therefore they see branded bags as a essential or a need rather then a want in life. Bags to some represent who they ware, it gives them a character and tells alot about them. Thus people go for original bags because they have a sense of pride in themselves and want to portrat themselves in a professional manner as much as possible. To me, bags are essentail but i would rather look at quality and the comfort that it gives me rather then the name that it bares. No point getting a original bag when it is not giving me comfort and the superior quality that i need. therefore if a non original bag is more comfortable and gives me considerably good quality i would go for it. But if a branded bag in this case Louis vitton gives me better quality and comfort i would certainly go for it. This is basically what i feel, have a great week. best regards, alvingb