Your opinion on the iPad

@izak1399 (103)
New Zealand
January 30, 2010 6:55pm CST
So they have just announced the release of the iPad and everyones waiting with baited breath for them to arrive. Lately I have been stirring up a lot of conversation about it amongst my friends. A lot of them went nuts for it, but this soon died down as they got over their technology fever. In my opinion its an iphone/itouch XL. The things its offering seem to have a market already (Oh wow, you can buy and read books on it? Thats amazing. Never heard of that being done before.), and its still hasn't got flash support. This last point is what bugs me the most. I use flash quite a lot, making short animations (and working on a game at the moment as well.) and to hear that apple is once again not allowing flash support is a real slap in the face to me. I understand why of course. You want to control what comes in and out of your technology. And when all the Apps are being sold through the apple store they can get a cut of the profit and also control and monitor the software that goes on it. So you don't get a buggy iwhatever. So. Are you getting one? (they're quite cheap after all) And if not why not? Your opinions in general.
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• United States
31 Jan 10
So I came across your discussion and saw right away iPad. I was watching the news for a couple of days while they were going over the iPad. I want one! I have an iPhone right now and love it. When I saw the iPad I thought that I would really like one because it is so much bigger and it would be easier to see websites. Even with typing e-mails with the keypad will be simpler. The only thing that I'm not going to like, same as what you said, eveything has to come through a store and they have control and profit from what you buy. But, I heard they are going to be near $300 which is good if that is a true price. I would also like to know what other people think about the iPad.
@izak1399 (103)
• New Zealand
1 Feb 10
Yea. Opinions are mixed about the ipad. The cost has been flaunted more as a sales pitch by apple, something they haven't previously done. Usually their prices have been so high, the iphone, macbook etc. The Macbook is insanely priced, but most laptops are. So most people are weary. Using the low price as a reason to buy it isn't actually all that good a reason. It has to prove itself useful before people will want to buy it. I know personally I'll never get one. Being a poor student and all. And if I want books I'll go out and buy them. The real deal, they don't take electricity or anything. And they have less chance of being stolen than an ipad. Lol. Everything else it can do my computer can already do better (No touch screen of course though). The only thing it can do better than my pc is being able to fit in my bag.
@suspenseful (40316)
• Canada
30 Jun 10
I am waiting for a while. I would like one, but I do need to get my Macbook Pro laptop first and I want to get the one with the 17 inch screen because that will substitute as a desktop. My present desktop (a Windows( is crappy. I think that the ipad would be good for readers, especially for those who are slightly farsighted as it seems that not many have thought about us. I also do not like flash because my computer usually froze or the page would not load. But it has to do more then let me surf, listen to music, or read. I will wait for a while before I buy one.
• United States
31 Jan 10
I don't think I would get one. For me it's a useless piece of technology. I could do way more, faster and more efficient with my laptop. Mac just has to do everything first, and make such a big deal about it.