Desperate Housewives: Drama and kaflama

United States
November 15, 2006 11:13am CST
Seriously, what is going on. A pedophile has entered the neighborhood. Edie has stolen Mike from wacko Susan. Susan has professed her like for Ian but still drooling after Mike. Good Julie has jumped ship for the bad guy. And Ms. High maintenance Gabby is falling into loser ville. Seriously????? What is your take on the new story lines emerging from Desperate. I sit here saying... "seriously" while my eyes stay glued to the internet replay of the
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• United States
27 Nov 06
ok i just watched tonights episode. i started feeling bad for the neighbor oncehis sister talked to lynette. i was beliving her that maybe he just was a coach of the swim team. once he had that dicussion with lynette my mouth dropped open. i wonder if this is the end of him since he is moving or if she will try to find him and warn his new neighbors. Also what is up with alma. they showed orsen killing her. ,im going to find that episode on my dvds to rewatch it and see what really happened. this is addicting!
@feverish (108)
• Philippines
22 Dec 06
they didn't show orson killing alma. in the first episode of this season, alma was doing her everyday routine when she suddenly realized that she was unhappy with her life. the epiphany came when she happened to glance at herself in the mirror while cleaning her bird's cage. from her vantage point, it looked like she was behind bars. And the metaphor hit home. she decided to leave orson. her plan was to leave orson while he was at work. but when orson unexpectedly came back, alma's plan was foiled. end scene. in the next scene, orson's nosey neighbor dropped by while he was cleaning the house. it seemed that he was on a scrubbing frenzy, because every inch of that house was sparkling clean. the neighbor asked him where alma was, and he said that she left him. on cue, the bird goes, "stop, orson, stop!" ...implying that some sort of violence ensued, though the details were left to our imagination.
@feverish (108)
• Philippines
22 Dec 06
I know what you mean. The plot lines are becoming as desperate as the characters of this show. Still, I can't seem to miss an episode of this show.
@emmiszoe (444)
• Sweden
28 Nov 06
Desperate Housewives - The four main desperate housewives; Lynette, Gabby, Susan and Bree.
But did they realy show Orson killing her? I have a feeling they just implied it, filmed from another room. Although now I'm getting al mixed up - did Orson buerry Munich at the golf course, or is that just my memory wanting to think so?And I'm wondering about the peadofile neighbour - is he really a peadofile, or did he say those things to Lynette just to make her scared? I think she was pretty harsh on him considering how little evidence she had - I just don't know what to think!Anyway, will Susan end up with Mike? Or with this Ian-brittish-guy...