Do you have stage-fear??

January 30, 2010 9:22pm CST
Guys and Gals Do you have stage fear? Stage Fear means that when you climb on stage, you become nervous and stuff like that, your body becomes cold and your legs start shaking and your mind feels to run out of the stage! I have stage fear when I have to orate on the stage, but I am used to it! I do not have stage fear anymore as I receive lot of prizes on stage and doing that repeatedly, it has vanished. Now, I speak frankly on stage!
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@tanchyka (213)
• Slovenia
31 Jan 10
I was really nervous when I was younger, but now that I'm in college, I don't have stage fear anymore, because it only makes presentations worse and I realized that. Once that I gave a presentation in front of 200 people, the fear vanished.
@megamatt (14327)
• United States
31 Jan 10
The nerves are overwhelming as I am waiting. I do a lot of frantic pacing as I wait to get on stage, the few times I have to do. I always figure the anticipation is much worse than the actual pay off. Once, I get up there, I just begin doing what I need to do, until I am done. It is over in a matter of moments, even if the wait does seem like an eternity. Still, nerves overwhelm before I get up on stage.
@nautilus33 (1831)
31 Jan 10
~ yes, I do have a stage fear and I have never been on a real stage, but when I have played in some quizzes at school with my schoolmates and have to make something by my own I always was so shy and scared, that once I even cried, but that was, when I was 10 years old! ~
@danitykane (3192)
• Philippines
31 Jan 10
hi kar295rocks! Okay, I'm some times confident in talking in front of many people and I don't get shy easily but, there are times that I can't conquer this fear (stage-fright). When I was still studying, I've joined several activities and contest at school. Such as, oratorical contest, group oral recitations, dance contest, choir and quiz-bee (science fair). I had a lot of confidence to do those things but, as I grew older I became a bit timid and shy and I hate it! haha! But there are times that I want to be in front of people like singing on occasions at work or at home and I'm not shy doing those little things. I just don't want to be "cocky" but damn! I love being praised when I did something good like entertaining people. Happy LOtting!
@nikky28 (1572)
• India
31 Jan 10
Not any more. I used to have it before when I was a kid. I am now used to it like you. I agree with you when you say doing it repeatedly removes stage fear. Although I do get a little anxious at times when I have to present something that is not my forte and if the deal is extremely important to me. I cope up with public speaking rather well and I enjoy it.