Do u drink water during the meal?

January 31, 2010 7:06am CST
Hi,there.Do u drink water during the meal?I often drink water when I'm having my meal.Bcz sometimes I feel sooooo thirsty when I eat some spicy or dry foods,but my father say it do harm to digestion,he said I should have some soup instead.And I'm kind of person only drinking water can relieve my thirsty. So what about u?Do u have the same habit?Share with me.
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@TAZNEM (656)
• Philippines
26 Feb 10
well now that you mentioned it i dont usually drink during a meal or in middle of a meal, i usually drink after i finished eating. but not with water i drink juice or soda cuz i feel it makes my digestion go faster (not that it actually does i just feel like it) and i am not a water drinker, i mean i drink lots of fluid but not water cuz its natural fluid has water on it better take it with taste
@tluanga (768)
• India
20 Feb 10
i have the same habit,and yes people are telling me its bad habit, but i did not actually see or came across how it is actually bad. Sometimes i fine it hard to swallow and i just drink some water, i have no problem till now or maybe i dont know.
@waheed1 (38)
• Egypt
6 Feb 10
You are RIGHT! It is not scientific as well as it is against the way we are created. How do you feel when drinking after a spicy food? comfortable! Did you feel indigestion any any time you drink while eating? About all the liquids foods taken while eating, aren't they all -scientifically- water?You can read this article to confirm:
• Philippines
1 Feb 10
Hi Longsdogin, I don't usually do that. But there are times when I choke on some food, I drink water which is always available at my side. I usually drink my water after I have taken my meal. I feel that if I drank water during meals, it would make me full and I can't finish the food on my plate. It is my daughter who always drinks water during meals.
• United States
31 Jan 10
I like drinking cold water or cold coco-cola during a meal. Though my parents told me that drinking water with a meal is very bad for the stomach when I was a child, I still have this habits. If I got a salty meal , I may drink water more than eating food and make the stomach full of water than I feel full. Because it is water not the food, after going to the toilet, I quickly feel hungry again.
• Philippines
31 Jan 10
I drink water every now and then. I hydrates the body and keeps our bodily processes to be on shape. Even if i am not thirsty i do drink water. I count the glasses of water that i take until it reaches 8 after that i still continue to drink my way throughout the day. It is really healthy.
@alilin28 (1530)
• Uruguay
31 Jan 10
i love water, i always drink it, specially a lot in summer, when the warm air is horrible! lol! but this days are too hot, its impobssible to stay with clothes! lol!
• India
31 Jan 10
yes without water i am not enjoying food even i am not having my meal because it is a thing whitch is without tast but make food tasty.
@MrKennedy (1994)
31 Jan 10
I hate drinking during a meal, period. Because I'm eating, I will have bits of food in my mouth, so the thought of drinking and washing them all into my drink disgusts me And no, I don't backwash It's bound to happen to anybody who eats and drinks at the same time, food particles WILL end up in your drink, and for me, I can't bear that thought, so I either drink before or after.
• Malaysia
31 Jan 10
i hv read a few different articles on this, here is a few comments - drinking water during meal as it fills ur stomach n u consume lesser food - drinking water during meal is bad as there is chances of 'air' filling up the stomach - drinking 'ice water' actually compess the fat n oil in the food, making it difficult to digest - drinking warm water actually help to dilute the fat n oil in the food the conclusion is to drink warm soup or warm water but i still love icy cold water with my meal cheers