What would you do if you were fired from work with wrong accusations?

January 31, 2010 10:55am CST
My friend was fired from his work for something he did not do but a mere suspicion only. A few pesos in the tip box, usually placed in the cashier's booth, was missing. Food Attendants put all the tips in that said box and to be distributed among them monthly. He was accused of not honestly putting the tip cash from one of their customers on one day. But he swears, he was not guilty. He did not file a case against the company anymore because he already got another job. If you were in his shoes, what would you do?
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@EvrWonder (3577)
• Canada
9 Feb 10
After fighting off the feelings of obvious anger, disbelief and probably shock, i would want to have a meeting with the manager. I would want to dispute the claim, i would likely want to file a grievance but if I had gotten another job, just like that then i would likely not do any of the above and just carry on. It is really hard for a company to fire someone on such grounds without solid proof. Pointing at and accusing someone of theft is a serious allegation unless the act can be proven otherwise. Mere suspicion is not enough to warrant being fired. If this person would of disputing his position, he likely would of won. This reminds me of a job I had where people where helping themselves to the till that I overseen. I reckon it was to try and frame me for whatever reason. I wasn't the only one this had happened to however but when I would cash out at the end of my shift, I would be short and hadn't made any errors through out the day. Turns out I demanded that the till be locks and I was the only one with the key. This worked. No more money went missing out of the till on my shift.
• Canada
31 Jan 10
Maybe the person forgot to put it in the right spot, maybe they put it in there but someone else took it and want the first person to look guilty? I dont think i would go so far as going against the company for just change missing. I was fired from my job cause they said i said something that i didnt...I think they wanted younger people only at the store, and the manager position was what i was going for at the time with the one that accused me of saying stuff...b*tch lol
@tjburcham (690)
• United States
31 Jan 10
Only if the job is worth fighting for would I do anything to keep it. This job doesn't sound like it would be worth the effort. I would be angry about the accusation.