Would you date someone of another race?

United States
January 31, 2010 11:32am CST
It seems like interracial dating is sort of tabooed in America. People seem to dislike seeing black and white together more than any other interracial couples. Commercials on TV almost always feature same-race couples. Would you date someone who was another race than you? Why or why not?
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@saphrina (31739)
• South Africa
31 Jan 10
If i get in trouble for this response, so be it. I believe that we as human beigns seem to forget why God has taken all the different races apart and let them build their own nations. If i can remember correctly somewhere in the bible it is said, that no cultures should be mixed. But do we listen? NO. We just ignore everything and anything and just do as we please. A lot of people are so fast to call you a racist when mentioning that you do not approve. But, i am not the one who will have to explain that my ears were in my butt and that i will do as i please, when the day of reckoning, is at hand. Okay, so tantrum and swear at me,now. That is allrigt, i am used to it. TATA.