Zombie Land

United States
January 31, 2010 8:34pm CST
Just seen Zombie Land the other day and had to say I thought it was one of those really fun movies. Some would call it a guilty pleasure. And a pleasure it was ! I love zombie movies in general, and to tell you the truth, this was a breath of fresh and something needed since Shawn of the Dead. So many of the movies made for the zombie loving crowd over the last number of years have been gloomy, serious, and sometimes depressing. Although many have been very good. 28 Days Later is a prime example. but I just thought it was about time to have that good old fashioned comic appeal that started with Return of the Living Dead. If you have any favorite zombie genre movies, comical or not, why don't you post them hear ? We could get a good list going and share our thoughts on each one. Enjoy !
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• Australia
2 Feb 10
It was slot beta then I expected few scary parts but very funny. Woody haroldson was very good in it . it was a different movie but good.
@MrKennedy (1994)
1 Feb 10
I enjoyed it so much It was such an entertaining and exciting flick, exactly what you would want in a movie. It was full of humour, action and general amusement throughout, plus it was thankfully much more violent than I was expecting. Woody Harrelson made the movie for me, but the main character, as brilliant as he was, reminded me too much of Michael Cera
@slovenc1 (2091)
• Slovenia
1 Feb 10
28 days later is one of the best. I also liked I am legend because I think how great would it be to be one of the few people that survived disaster and to have all the resources lying around to use. I watched Zombie land two and i liked it because it was kind of relaxing because of the main character.