a secret story from the bottom of my heart, sad but romantic, what about you?

between love - it's love between all animal,including you and me~
Puerto Rico
January 31, 2010 9:20pm CST
There's a story long ago. Something happened and it went on as it's natural way. Day by day,year after year. Feeling so much excited,loving,caring,warm,serious,honest,promising,missing,got together,and ...then clearified persuaded,disappointed,heart broken... Endless and nonstop continuously As time passing by After again and again nonsense desire, struggling ...Have to be braved, to believe the truth,to accept it, to give up, until got used to... Without any hope any beg.. With all of faiths and wishes to both happniess and brightness futures.. Whenever wherever whatever we do.. It was a crying ending with a smilling Goodbye! ... It was a nice story for each other,for unforgettable memories, for better life Still missing and caring sometimes For, there's still friendship last forver, For, still long for meeting someday But, no longer excess the bottom line, Deeply know&remind in heart...there's always something impossible in passion life. ... Believe in love, no matter how bad things can get, We need true love until the end of the life... For all of us.. Highly praise to.. THE LEADING ACTORES FOREVER...LOVE...
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