Have you ever make a dispute claim in paypal or alertpay?

@bulastika (5967)
February 1, 2010 5:50am CST
Have you ever make a dispute claim in paypal or alertpay? I joined a ptc sites and just after 10 days it turn into scam. I know they don't want to be a scam site. Its just that member begin to panic when a news come out that they are listed a watch list. You know watch list is already considered as a scam site. .. Suddenly many members sent dispute claims to make a refund. I love that site but almost every day they are down for two to five hours. And right now they are down for 12 hours. I hope they came back soon. .. Just wondering have you ever claim a dispute when you used paypal or alertpay? Because right now I'm planning also to claim a dispute if tomorrow they still down. Hope I can still get my money back.
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@lyzabelle (1668)
• Philippines
1 Feb 10
I do once when I invested in a HYIP and I got scam. The program just stop paying it's members and I'm one of them. I file dispute and they give me back half of the amount. Their reason is that they divided all the remaining money to all the members who file a dispute. So...if you file for a dispute do it sooner because funds might already be withdrawn by the scammer. Goodluck in getting your money back my friend.
@bulastika (5967)
• Philippines
2 Feb 10
Thank you hope I can. Just wondering. I deposited for example 100 dollars then I already cashout 5 dollars. Can I still file a dispute? I'm sorry I know its better to ask paypal or alertpay support than you. But experience is much better than support's of paypal or alertpay answers.