I've Got This Whole Profile Thing Down, Except...

United States
February 1, 2010 8:36pm CST
...moving my sorties! AAAAUGH! First, let me preface this by saying I have scoured the FAQs. I do not need the link. I have searched for similar posts, and the only possible thing I found that I haven't tried is opening my profile with Foxfire and then moving them. (I guess I should have tried that before posting here.) I know how to drag and drop, but my little itchy fingers will not do crap to move that sortie except highlight the whole damn sortie on top of it. I want to drag & drop, not copy & paste. I've got the CSS for the background figured out; I even got a mouseover script that will work in the sortie figured out. Why... WHY... is this whole moving thing eluding me?!! What makes it worse is that sometimes if I am editing a sortie, the whole thing will default to the bottom where it is stuck. Noooooo... that is NOT what I wanted. I am a little tired of my work-around of just deleting all the sorties on the top (and in the way) and than re-installing them, so they're at the bottom again. OK, enough ranting. What AM I missing? Is there some little trick? Maybe a little double- or triple-click or something? (I did find that sometimes works when editing or saving changes to HTML sorties.)
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