Did any religion state that man should have freedom?

February 2, 2010 2:35am CST
Listen to me before you comment. Is freedom to do what ever we want good? Most may say yes. Freedom is a gift from god to us. Is this statement true? Freedom from sins is a gift , yea i agree with that. But freedom to do everything is a bit tricky. And so i think why don't we discuss this? Be reminded that all is welcomed to give their opinions and this question have no definite answer. Have fun.
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@jasonnaez (134)
• Philippines
13 Oct 10
Allow me to start by saying that FREEDOM is a precious gift from God and as such it is likewise accompanied by an equal amount of accountability and responsibility, not to restrict the exercise of that freedom, but to preserve freedom for the fullest enjoyment of man. Freedom therefore is definitely not a license to do as man wills. Murder, slander, deceit, thievery, and all kinds of sins are contrary to the true spirit and essence of freedom, because doing all those sinful acts are enslaving. The true meaning of freedom is the absence of sorrow producing elements of life. Freedom is all about having joy, peace, love, happiness, compassion, and kindness in ones life.
@veganbliss (3901)
• Adelaide, Australia
6 Jul 10
It is good that we live in a world or a society that allows us to have such freedom as we experience in these modern times. Our predecessors didn't have it as good as we do now, in some ways. Our freedom was obtained through their suffering & often bloodshed, so we should feel grateful for what we've been given. While it's true that God gives us much freedom, society sometimes doesn't allow us to exercise this freedom. Jesus also gave us freedom in a sense, cutting through sin & bondage like a hot knife through butter, but he too was subject to society's rules at the time. I think there might be something gained by looking at our definition of freedom. For example, when we get in a car & drive it, we can't just go around driving anywhere we like. We must drive on the roads, in the correct lane & comply with a unique code of conduct for the region we're traveling through. So, from this we may gather that once we comply with the rules & go within the rules, then we experience freedom. Going back to the driving analogy, we can drive from point A to point B or stop off at point C, leaving when we want & maybe changing our mind at a moment's notice & going somewhere else. I think St Paul put this nicely when he said that we are free to do anything we want, but not everything is good for us.
@raynejasper (2326)
• Philippines
3 Feb 10
hi.. Yes, freedom is gift from God.. but for me, freedom entails responsibility.. though God gave us the freedom to do anything that we want, we have to responsible with our decisions because we are the ones reaping the fruit of everything we do.. God has also given us the freedom to chose between good and evil and it is us who follow what way we want.. of course, we have to aware that if we follow the bad, then we will end up being sorry, and if we follow the good, definitely, we will reap happiness..