reject him to make your friend happy/ holding on & accept the consequence?

February 2, 2010 9:31am CST
If ever you are in a situation where in your friend is asking you to help her get the attention of the guy she likes. The worst part is that your friend doesn't have any idea that the guy she likes, likes you. would you reject that person to make your friend happy? Or you hold on with what you feel and let your friend feel angry or maybe sad...
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@reckon21 (3487)
• Philippines
13 Apr 10
If this applies to my best friend and we are both attracted to the same girl then it's really a tough decision to make and I really hope the time wont come that we have to go through the same situation. I will analyze our feelings first...if my friend really love this girl with all his heart and so serious about it I might give up the girl for his sake. But if this girl will only hurt my friend in the long end of the rope then I have a tough job to do. I will discouraged my friend with his feelings for this girl and we will both avoid the same object of our affection. But if my friend will insist with his feelings for her then I will support him and probably help him all the way.