or legit?

February 2, 2010 5:05pm CST
i found this site and signed up on it. i opted to give it a try, but i wind up confused. so i bid for some projects that i'm willing to take. then what? again my anxiety attacks on sending out my articles as sacrificial lambs to get a job done. i'm never sure if it'll suit their pitch. what should i enclose on my profile for them employers to consider me on their wing? please someone, illuminate me. ~.~
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@zirram19 (13)
• Philippines
28 Feb 12
I am just about to sing up on this site, but before doing so, I tried searching if it is a scam or not. Some say that it is a scam while say it is not. But for me, I think we should not take the risk of signing into a website that may cause us to lose our earning just like what had happened in one of the persons who commented on this post, who lost his earnings because of connecting freelancer to his account.
• Philippines
15 Jun 12
Hi everyone. I've come back to this forum to address the other concerns raised here. is a legitimate business and we do not operate to defraud people of their money. We have millions of users and hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers. We've paid out more than $130,000,000 to freelancers worldwide. As we have mentioned in our previous posts, does not suspend or freeze accounts without any cause. We will only do so to verify a user's account or ascertain the nature of the transactions done through the site. The funds inside suspended accounts will not go anywhere. It will be there once you've gone through our account verification procedures. Sending of high quality photos of IDs and other pertinent documents are required for these procedures. Submitting these will help in authenticating a user’s account thereby getting your account unsuspended. Please be assured that sensitive information sent will not be used in anything else except to comply to legal obligations or with your express consent. Support can be reached either through e-mail or live chat. Our Support Teams are highly trained professionals and go through stringent training to address concerns promptly and professionally. Due to the nature of some of the issues raised and the need to disclose confidential information (user names and financial information), e-mail and live chat support are the most effective means to supporting customers. But we’ve taken into account your feedback about our services and support and we will continue to improve on the work that we do. We hope we’ve adequately addressed your concerns. Should you have further enquiries, please send an e-mail to Thank you very much.
31 Jul 12
WORSE customer support + they are VERY well known for blocking/suspending peoples account and steal their money, and MOST of the people they are blocking have a pretty good amount of money in that moment in their account! Don't use! The customer support, if it can be called like this is very unprofessional, I was normally asking them to help me and all I was receiving is a stupid copy-paste answer, I was replying again, and I received again the same copy-paste answer! The support said they can't help me with my problem, but about 4-5 months ago I opened a ticked with EXACTLY the same issue and the guy helped me without any problems. Very rude and unprofessional staff!! I will not recommend to anybody, I will write in all the possible forums, twitter, facebook, youtube etc... I HATE!!!
• Philippines
2 Aug 12
Hi morleys, This is Emir again from We value your feedback. It is unfortunate that this has happened to you. As you have mentioned, we have already closed down the account of SAINT812 because of fraud. I would also like to inform you that we have returned the milestone payment that you released to this unscrupulous user. In the future, we strongly recommend withholding all Milestone Payments until you are 100% truly satisfied with the freelancer's work. We also suggest you view their Reputation. This is a great way to to gauge the reliability and repute of the user as it provides a detailed summary of the user’s history on Freelancer, whether it be freelancer or employer. The higher his/her ratings are (5 being the best), the more eliable the freelancer. Also view their profile and see how well they communicate and how much thought they put into it. As we have mentioned before, is a legitimate business. We have more than 4 million users of the site and hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers around the world. And they continue to grow each day. Should you have further enquiries or concerns, please send an e-mail to and we'll address them promptly. Thank you very much and we hope you to continue to use services.
• Slovenia
28 Jun 11
Be carefull, they are SCAM. I opened account for our legally registered company, hire one person for one work and put $150 in milestone. Day after this they immediately suspend our account with $200 in full balance, after I provide ID from me and they still refuse to reinstate account with our money in. They need to reply/if 2-3 days, before I upload funds in account they reply in less than 1hr always. They can not require any ID from own customers as they dont have this in terms of service and they are not any type of bank. THEY JUST WANT THAT YOU UPLOAD FUNDS AND THEN YOU WILL NEVER SEE IT AGAIN, I already call my bank for Chargeback so I will not have loss, but il never again use it!! FREELANCER.COM SCAM REVIEW
• Singapore
18 Jul 11
I got f*cked by They suspend my account with my money inside. They asked me to send GOV ID. Hell, they are harvesting your data and they can use this to call your bank or apply for credit. THEY ARE SCAM! WHOEVER say they are not scam, mostly likely their are from 4th world country paid from If is legit, they should put a phone number. All the customer service is just through chat. DO you know why? THEY CAN'T SPEAK ENGLISH, they can type but they can't speak.
• Philippines
23 Jul 11
get a grip! is definitely not a scam. most bloggers who post that the site is a scam are the scammers themselves. The site is 100% percent legit. some scammers are using the site for their illegal activities get suspended then complain. booohhoooo!
• Poland
26 Mar 12
No, the site is not legit. This is just a band of petty thieves. I do understand that account gest suspended from time to time. But I do not understand why the suspensions always occur just before sending money from the account to paypal or moneybookers. And it takes like a week... Holding my money on suspended account IS A SCAM. Even when it take 2 or 3 days. I suppose those swindlers earn pretty nice money for holding those millions of dollars on overnight accounts.
• Nepal
30 Oct 11
I got confused by reading all the comments here.If it is a scam then how it has got alexa traffic rank 349(Global) and in india 95.
• Philippines
22 Jun 12
Hi Ronny2005. Emir here from I’m taking the time to address all of the concerns posted here whether they be current or not. Please be assured that is a legitimate business. We have more than 3.6 million users of the site and hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers. We’ve consistently ranked high on Alexa and currently we’re number 88 in India. is poised for greater growth this year and beyond and we’d like you to experience the joy and freedom of freelancing in the 21st century. Please visit and let us help you start on your great freelancing career.
@aprilsong (1886)
• China
28 Nov 12
Well, maybe it is not scam, but buyers on this site usually pay much less for the same projects. And as others said, no matter can we earn money or not, once we accept the project, some fee will be deducted from our account. I think it is unfair. Because the site doesn't protect the rights of the contractors at all.
• South Africa
3 Jan 11 is not a scam. It is one of the most popular website for online workers. You can either bid on projects and make money or spent money for getting things done for you.
• Philippines
18 Dec 10
Hi, I have just started using a few months ago. My advice for you is just be patient and be extra cautious in using the site. When I started i just bid on projects without really analyzing if they're worth my time. I ran out of bid without having a single buyer choose my services. The next month I exercised a little discretion. I got a project for a minimum bid and the buyer was very prompt in paying me. I don't recommend anything to write on your profile because anyone can write just about anything they want to say. You can put claims that are not really true and those reading it will never know. Try to use the PM box when bidding, there you can write in detail what you can offer to the service buyer. Remember, quality of work will go a long way and have good communication with the buyer. Don't expect to earn much at first. Focus on building a good reputation. Even small projects when done with quality will earn you good feedbacks. I, as a service provider, try to look at the feedbacks and comments of the buyer to make sure they really pay and they are good employer. I'm sure service buyers do the same, they would want to work with providers they know they can trust. itself is NOT a scam but it doesn't mean there are no scammers there so be careful. Happy freelancing :)