Money matters

@jmsplp (26)
February 2, 2010 11:40pm CST
What do you feel when your finances is short and you want to buy things you want? Have you ever felt discouragement? Have you ever lost large amount of money and how did you cope up with it? For me, money is importatn beacuse without it, you may not live. Specailly nowadays, it is very hard to look for money.
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@shattered (1731)
• Philippines
3 Feb 10
Money is important but one can survive without it. You may not be able to enjoy life as you do now without it, but people do survive. Discouragement? When bills come in and you have more to pay then what you have in the bank... it really is discouraging, but I tend to look for the silver lining in everything and look at it as a challenge. It means I have been slacking behind and I need to put my act together. Never lost money, I treat gambling like a concert I have a budget. After the "ticket" money is spent I stop spending more. Don't bring your atm, debit and credit card to the casino. SCAMS: If its too good to be true, it most probably is. Who in his right mind would tell you how to make your $50 into $10000 and charge you $100 dollars for it? If it really works, then he'd have so much money that he wouldn't even bother with you. These are just my own thoughts. If you lost a lot of money don't be disheartened, challenge yourself. You cannot succeed without failing first, for success can only be measured against failure.
@de_toya (2434)
• Indonesia
3 Feb 10
You are right. Today, money is very important. Money is everything. Everything you do,you need money. Many people going crazy thinking of money. Many people willing to lost their pride just for money. Lot of people lost their logical cause of money. I ever have financial problem when I was unemployment. When I have just graduated from university, I didn't have any job. That was my worst era. Just keep the faith, patient and try to do the best thing. Took any job to got money. That was my experience.