if you are given the chance to change something in your life what would it be?

@rosey19 (952)
February 2, 2010 11:46pm CST
making a list of the things we want to change is never easy, unless we learn from our mistakes and a total renewal will take place. i assume that all of us have some bad experience that you wish it would not happen again or if you have a dream that you are longing to happen what would it be?
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• Philippines
28 Feb 10
yes your right, we wish to change that bad experience if we could only have too. though i never blame anyone nor myself for whatever happened to me specially those bad experiences as i did it with my own will and clear mind. if given a change to chance one part of my life in the past, maybe i would change of not to meet and love the father of my baby right now. i know me and my baby deserve someone better for us and so we are not that lucky o have him, very irresponsible and coward who managed to leave us during the most saddest time of my life nor during the time that we needed him the most. i wish i never meet him and wish of not to see him again. though if its god will that he will returned to us then maybe i will accept him as the father of my baby but not for me as i will rather choose anyone than him.