Finally Quit Smoking

United States
February 2, 2010 11:59pm CST
I finally quit smoking after trying for over a year. This is the second time my doctor has prescribed me Chantix and it has finally worked. Tried the patches, gum, and even Wellbutrin but finally the Chantix seemed to help after trying it again. Let me know if you are trying to quit or have quit and what has or not has worked for you. BTW, smoke free for 3 days as of know an feel good
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• Indonesia
3 Feb 10
Congratulations you have been successful. I am very difficult to stop smoking for many reasons. from the side of my intention was desperate to quit but difficult because I am a smoker environment then there is the imprssion that if you stop smoking you will become sick, especialy feeling giddy and confused thought I/ve tried to quit smoking and it is very difficult especialy to overcome the chaotic thought and feel something is missing. how do I deal with things like this
• United States
6 Feb 10
Thank you very much. It has been hard and still I have the cravings every once in awhile. I did not become sick, feel giddy or got confused. But if you put your mind to it you can quit