KPop Fans: Are there good things that you benefited from being a fan?

@chazzief (237)
February 3, 2010 1:54am CST
Hello K-poppers! I was thinking of this random questions since my friends always teased me and look down of me for loving K-Pop. However, I always shut their mouth out by achieving something just because I was motivated by my favourite kpop groups or singer. For example, I learn to read and write Korean in just two months, and now learning the language. Something that my friend can do because they can't even master English well even though they listens to English songs 24/7. I entered a dance competition dancing to Super Junior's song even though I never dance before. something that they're afraid to do because they don't even dare to dance in public. How about you? Are there things that you managed to do or achieve because of motivations you have from being a fan of K-Pop?
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• Philippines
20 Oct 10
I am still planning to learn korean but I still dont have the time. I once tried to join a singing contest because of my favorite k-pop group, U-KISS. I was so confident to do it and so excited as well. K-pop has been giving me the strength to do the things I cant imagine I will do. K-pop fighting!!
• India
23 Jun 11
I'm listening to kpop since four months and the first song i listened to is SHINee lucifer, an Indonesian friend suggested me to listen to the song and after listening to it my first thought hovered upon making a cover for the song(vocal) and i dont even know korean.Finally . I managed to sing it and now i know korean a lil bit.Thanx^^ to i stand unique among my friends.
• United States
7 Mar 10
Hello, fellow kpopper! I'm happy that your love for kpop has improved you a lot. As for me, I would say that because of my love for kpop, I gained more friends! :) Also, I tend to be motivated a lot. Just watching Kyuhyun develop into a better dancer everytime they perform is already enough to make my heart smile and tell myself that "if Kyuhyun can improve, then why can't I?" And then, I improve. :-)
@chazzief (237)
• Malaysia
16 Nov 10
i have to agree with you. i see kpop as my motivation to keep living my life to the fullest. everytime i'm feeling down or demotivated, i will watch tv shows like Empire children Returns, 2PM's Hot Blood and big Bang's documentary and will get a new strength by watching how hard they strive for their dreams.
@bomii14 (182)
• Philippines
26 Feb 10
my bestfriends and i learned how to read and write korean all by ourselves because of KPOP. . and now i can already understand a little~ ^^ and i've adapted a little of they're fashion style too~ which is cool! ^^ i dunno what else tho, but. . i've always thought that, liking kpop made me different. . and for me that's a benefit, 'cause i don't want to be like everybody else, who listens to hollywood music. . ehehe~ ^^;;
@chazzief (237)
• Malaysia
16 Nov 10
i agree ^^ without me realizing it, I adapted their style and culture too, little by little. i always love to learn new culture and i'm glad that i can learn it through kpop tv shows and music shows~
@keinah2 (303)
• Philippines
3 Feb 10
I'm quite focused on learning japanese first. But I got to admit, when I listen to kpop songs, I am forced to look up the meanings of the lyrics and I can learn korean bit by bit. As of now, I can read 5 characters because of listening to kpop. But really, you're friends degrade you because you're listening to kpop? Here in my country, kpop is pretty popular, which annoys me in a way. Kpop here in the Philippines became known because of WG's nobody. Since then, kpop songs are being put in our music charts. Way back then, when kpop is not yet known in my country, my situation is the same as you, they also tease me. And now, kpop songs are in the chart..and annoys me very much because some people say "I love kpop" etc., etc. But when I listen to them in the past, they say i'm weird. -_-"
@chazzief (237)
• Malaysia
4 Feb 10
Yes.. I've been listening to them when Hallyu hasn't hit my country yet. At that time, Winter Sonata might be popular, but not boybands. Most of my friends are into US music and local music.
• Philippines
30 Jul 11
I love Kpop and its artists. Because of the lack of translated videos on my country, I decided to study the Korean langguage and I began to subtitle the videos that I see which jump started my interest in video editing. I now watch the videos that I love with my friends.
@clamee (63)
• Philippines
13 Jul 11
Kpop taught me to save money big time because of the urge to buy their stuff and concert tickets. Learned how to write and read in hangul and some basic korean phrases. Plus the most wonderful thing that kpop had everdone to my life was to meet new friends. :D
@kiki2694 (11)
• Indonesia
23 Sep 10
I've learned Korean since a year ago. Yes, it's because KPOP. Same as you, 2 months only, and I could both read and write in hangeul. Now, I have a korean course to learn more about korean. I joined to dance competition too, and I used kpop songs. I don't know what's the benefits, maybe it's only for relaxing, escape of being busy student with many homeworks. I just feel enjoy with it :)
@rysa88 (9)
16 Aug 10
they make me happy! watching their performances and shows make me smile/laugh.. :) and listening to their music on my way to work helps start my day right :)
12 Aug 10
Before, I was into C-pop and it really helped me a lot by means of improving my Chinese skills when it comes to writing and speaking. Now that I'm also into K-pop I hope that someday I can also speak and write in Korean. You can really learn fast if something appeals or is interesting to you.
• Philippines
14 Jul 10
Yes! There are things that I achieved since I became a Kpop fan. Ever since I became a Kpop fan, I have met many new friends whom have helped me whenever I'm down. I also share laughs with them and food and also bonding. So much fun. And since I became a Kpop fan, I have learned to decrease my shyness and be approachable. Although I adore and love Kpop, of course I would never forget my own culture and the land which my parents came from, India. I love both countries and how I wish I was half Indian and half Korean so that I can enjoy the best of both worlds! :)
@schareen (12)
• Philippines
17 May 10
Like you guys, I've been ridiculed also in the past for being a fan of a foreign music. They couldn't understand why I enjoy listening to KPOP when I can't even understand it. Now that KPOP is becoming huge in our place, my friends can now at least understand my fascination with the music and they themselves are huge fan now. KPOP basically opened my news to a totally new and fascinating culture. Besides their music, I've learned to love their movies, cool fashion, interesting traditions and just about any Korean stuff there is. I'm also starting to look into other Asian music like JPop. My whole obsession with KPop thought me that music has no cultural boundaries.
• Philippines
2 May 10
For some people who don't appreciate korean pop music, movie or dramas, they really find it weird that there are those who are k-fanatics. I was one of those people before. But when I started watching and listening to kpop and dramas, I began to appreciate them too. I guess to each his own.. What's the good thing about being a k-fanatic? I guess... my fave korean artists just inspire me each day. I feel happy! And when I'm happy, I'm able to do well in the real world!:)