SRK and Shiv Sena controversy: BIG B's shameful gesture

February 3, 2010 4:22am CST
Whole of India is seeing right now how the THACKREYS are making a mockery of Indian constitution and law order. Poor SRK he made a simple and honest comment about the IPL controversy and came out in support of PAK players, now he is paying the price for it. I believe the whole point of Thackreys' actions are creating agenda for elections and regaining lost ground in maharashtra. They are just going back to the old ways, issues about muslims,Pakistan and targetting celebs like Sachin,SRK and Ambanis. As an Indian and SRK supporter i am offended and engraged by their actions and the kind of attitude shown by Congress towards these problems. To add insult to injury BOLLYWOOD showed its true colors by staying away from the issue, only a handful of SRK friends came out in his support. The worst of the lot was BIG B's take on the controversy and how he voided getting involved. It was just shameful. A man of his stature should have shown more courage and responsibility. The irony is the same man can be seen promoting the TOI group's initiative for promoting ties with PAK.
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• India
3 Feb 10
yes dear i think THAKREYS are doing for the publicity and to make a vote bank by teasing shahrukh khan an mukesh ambani....i thought maharashta govt should take an step on shivsena......we all are first Indians not mumbaikar not bihari