wats your most favourite and hated day in a week?

February 3, 2010 10:07am CST
everyone has a favourite day and a hated day in every week due to some reasons .. wats ur happiest day or favourite day in a week...wats your hated day ..... i like friday afternoons because the next 2 days i can enjoy and my most hated time is monday morning where i have to get up early to go to my college ...
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@blue65packer (11835)
• United States
4 Feb 10
I truly hate mondays! It is the start of the work week to start with. On mondays something stupid or weird will happen! That always happens! My favorie day of the week is probaly friday. It is the only day I can sleep in(I have 2 jobs). I go into work an half an hour earlier and get done half an hour earier. I work the wekends so they are not any of my favorite days of the week!
@Seppy1984 (2148)
• United States
3 Feb 10
Hello, well mine use to be Saturdays because my hubby did not have to work and he was able to spend time with the boys and I for the next 2 days. Mondays was my most hated day because he had to go back to work early in the morning and that bugged me when he woke me up...LOL. But now that his job has changed my favorite day is Friday because he does not have to work that day and my most hated day is Sunday night because that is when he goes back to work. It sucks when you try to fall asleep by yourself and have trouble because he is not around to cuddle with you. But I have gotten use to it although it is hard. Happy Mylotting