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February 3, 2010 6:37pm CST
I am about to buy a truck and i would like to know what you guys think the best type is im stuck on dodge and or chevysthat load and big a$$ tiers and a nice lift kit. dark blue and light blue lightnig bolts down the side someting i can take in the mud and not having to worry about the axles snapping. well tell me what u think!
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4 Feb 10
I just love the following three trucks: Ford F350 Super Crew, Dodge Ram 2500, and the Nissan Titan. The dark blue with light blue bolts sounds really cool. If I could afford one, I am not sure which I would get. My favorite has always been the F350, with Dodge running a close second. But I think maybe the Titan is a better buy. I mean you'll be making those payments for a good long while, so you certainly want the ride to outlast the loan, you know what I mean? You should post a pick when you get it so I can share in your joy for a brief moment. Play? In the mud? With the truck? That sounds like WAY FUN.