Recent earth quake - Haiti - Fighting for Food?

February 3, 2010 7:02pm CST
The other day I was seeing the TV, the The voluntary organization was providing food to the effected people.But normally in the world wherever such things are happening , When providing food to them it is not being carried out in an organized manner.People fight one another to get the food packet. They can be made in queue and the food can be supplied. Why it is not being arranged in such a way? My lot members tell me your opinion.
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@etioewe (143)
• Mexico
4 Feb 10
well to what i know is that some times if you do it that way it will take a longer time for the food to be spread amongs all the victims and also less hands to do the jobs so its been given out as fast as possible and for this you find poeple rushing for food like that and causing sence all around the ficinity of the supply,
• India
4 Feb 10
Thanks for your comment.Of course, less hands to distribute. But with the technology in hand a smooth arrangements can be made to distribute food packets. First of all announcement should be made that the food will be supplied to all and with the assurances the people should be asked to form queue.There may be people among them who may come forward to help distribution of food packets and their help can be made use of. However some way should be found out for smooth distribution of food packets. have a good day.