Recycling , keeping more and renting new referrals, which is better?

February 3, 2010 9:48pm CST
I think renting new referrals is better than keeping more and recycling in neobux. How do you think?
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• Philippines
13 Feb 10
I just started renting referrals in neobux, and I can tell that i'm losing money over those that are not active, it's hard to find active referrals and I recycle a lot of them. It's hard for me, and I guess i'm gonna stop with the referrals and try it on upbux. somebody here said that referrals on upbux are more active than in neobux.
@de_toya (2434)
• Indonesia
5 Feb 10
I prefer keep active referrals and recycle the others then I rent new referrals for more. But I will not to rent referrals again. I have do this twice and I loose. Most of my rented referrals was not active. This is the risk. If your rented referrals going active you will earn faster but if they don't, you will lost your money. I prefer to invest my money in really investment program.
@gusto84 (237)
• Italy
5 Feb 10
In my opinion to achieve the target You need to recycle the 30% of refs , and renew he 60% ... usually 10% to 15% will by inactive so those will need to by renev on fourth day ... rented refs need to by on daily survegiance as sometimes people signin just to fullfil an ofer and remain active just for fev days ... So renting refs might get risky , but theres no proffit without the risk ... .
@lexx87 (1711)
• Mexico
4 Feb 10
I don't understand too much bout renting referrals, i need help do u really understand bout this? its a good option i think but it doesn't work just for 30 days?
• Indonesia
4 Feb 10
i prefered to Renting some Referral because, recycling isn't have better averrage of earning, especially in neobux
• Malaysia
4 Feb 10
Neobux will charge you if you let your referral expire so I don't think it's worth.
@ank_47 (1963)
• India
4 Feb 10
keeping inactive member is loss to us,we can recycle him/her. it is good in neobux. renting new referral is not good idea i is loss for us to rent other person.we should go with old person only without wasting money for new referral (in renting). if renting time is over only,we should see for other renting referral.we can see if u get our money back and earned any extra income,and then can rent next time if u get more earnings now.
• Indonesia
4 Feb 10
No, renewing the active referral that on 2 AVG is more better than renting new referral that's not tested the activeness.