what happened here

August 30, 2006 11:22am CST
This is a storry I have come up with that is my opinion of reality. This is part 1 Imagine you are walking down the street on the other side of town from where you live, and you stop for an unknown reason. Then you start walking again and bang! You smack right into something, it seems to be an invisible barrier. You can see your neighbor mowing his lawn; he sees you and waves, with skepticism and confusion you go to wave back and your hand smacks up against that invisible barrier. You seem to be curious about it and start to follow it, running your hand along it and feeling its texture, it feels very smooth, but has slight imperfections. You start to walk into the street still continuing to feel the barrier. You notice a car driving straight for you, and the driver is looking straight at you but still driving towards you at a great speed. You think he is going to stop to let you by. All of a sudden just when the car appears to be hitting your legs it just disappears as it is coming at you.
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