Do you try to make Subway sandwiches at home?

February 4, 2010 9:24am CST
Almost everyone has had one at one time or another.It`s a mouth full of lovin' that will make your tummy happy! Why not keep those tummy happy, by making your own? Invites some friends, add some chips a few brews and you'll have a feast set for any occasion!
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@cream97 (29166)
• United States
12 May 10
Hi, vesK0nti. I have tried to make Subway sandwiches. I have always thought about going to the grocery store to get me some of that bread that they usually will use. I would like to make my own sandwich, the way that I want it. It is me making it, so I know that it is going to be delicious. This will make a great meal for inviting friends over, I agree.
@sender621 (14956)
• United States
12 May 10
I like to experiment with submaking at home. Nothing is quite the same as subway though.
@cher913 (25889)
• Canada
4 Feb 10
my family loves subs so we go to the grocery store and get sub buns, deli meat and fresh veggies (tomatoes and lettuce) and make them for a meal at home. it is much cheaper to do it this way than to always go out for subs!