Teaching time

February 4, 2010 10:14am CST
How do you teach the concept of time to a kid? I do not mean telling time rather the sense of time. I am trying to learn how to teach kids and this is one important subject that the students should learn.
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4 Feb 10
How old are the kids you are trying to teach this to? If they are young then doing games like lets all see who can be quiet for 1/5/10/15 minutes is something kind of fun. But make sure that you give prizes to those who actually accomplish the task. Gives them a concept of how long a minute is even though many of them will thing a minute is more like a hour. Talk about big body concepts such as today, tomorrow and next week. Describing those conecepts in terms of school. We will do this today, right after lunch; or we can do that tomorrow, after you come back in the morning; or next week after you are off for the two day of the weekend when I don't get to see you. Everything must relate to something that they understand. I know my niece when learning the concept of time that everything to begin with was tomorrow, even if we were going to do that later in the day. She understood that tomorrow was in the future and if it happened in the past that was yesterday. So starting there may be the first step to teaching them what they need to know. Good luck.