How much time do you usually invest in PTC sites a day?

February 4, 2010 8:15pm CST
A lot of people perceive the idea of clicking for $0.01 as a waste of time, but of course many of us think otherwise. How much time do you usually invest in clicking ads in a day? And in how many PTC sites are you active in? Would love to read your comments and thoughts about this matter.
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• Jamaica
5 Feb 10
are these sites really effective as you guys make them to be and do you think there is some form of catch to all of this?
• United States
5 Feb 10
A Whole LOT of TIME!lol For a DAM PENNY(.01) "MAN" I need my Head checked...
@esjosh (915)
• India
5 Feb 10
30minutes / day
@gusto84 (237)
• Italy
5 Feb 10
Many people says that's just a waste of time , but i think that beeing active on few websites gives you a way to bring an income on the end of a week and combining many websites wit many different ways of earning and you can get ease 20 to 50 $ a week without any refs ... And it works for me ...