OMG I have a scouting interview after tomorrow !!!

@smiley83 (1535)
February 5, 2010 1:50am CST
Hi friends... I have just received the news on having a scouting interview after tomorrow!! they will choose the members who will be highly qualified to attend the World Scout that will be held by next year somewhere overseas as different scouting nationalities will be there...I really wanna go with them sooooo badly..but i'm wondering wot kind of questions they will ask me during the interview!!! Do you have any scouting ideas?? plz help me out as i'm quite nervous !!! as I can't even focus on my study & assignments thinking on the interviewing questions.. I'll be reading some info related to the founders of the scout, the aims, the oath, but what else should I know? plz do enlighten me with any ideas you have... i'm nervous & worried :(
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@advokatku (4037)
• Indonesia
5 Feb 10
wow .. it's great, friend ... you should learn about the history of lord Baden Powell - the father of the world scout
@smiley83 (1535)
• Malaysia
5 Feb 10
thanks for such a complement:" and yeah i'll read the history of him...hopefully i can get it..i wanna go so it is gonna be a great opportunity for me.. but i'm stil not sure..awh gosh i'm really getting some doubts :(
@esjosh (915)
• India
5 Feb 10
Scouting, what I can know and help about all is;;;; and more over than this ,here are lots of Best wishes from my side!!!!