Ever in your life you called 112 for an emergency?rescue, fire, police....

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@icesmile (7172)
February 5, 2010 4:18am CST
Were you or you see an emergency and you call 112 (maybe in your country is another number for emergencies), but you called? They answered, and spoke quickly? in how long? They were polite and quickly tried to be patient with you, you calmly explain to them what happened? I used often to call 112 to save my mother, and they were always polite, they have ask details, and every time they reached the maximum of 10.15 minutes when I needed help, when my mother was bad, was sick., so they can, is possible. Do you ever call 911, for some emergency, maybe for police, fire or rescue?
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@dawnald (84146)
• Shingle Springs, California
5 Feb 10
In my country it's 911. And yes I have. Most recently when I was in a car accident in 2003, I think.
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• Canada
6 Feb 10
In Canada and the USA the number is 911, and I've called them a few times. -From my cellphone one night when a person was being attacked by a bunch of people at an amusement park -Once when I set fire to the stove by accident, when we were living in AZ -Once in AZ when someone tried to break into our house -Once here in Canada, when a neighbour of mine was being attacked.