Should guys go for facials, manicures, spa treatments etc?

February 5, 2010 4:42am CST
It seems likes it has always been the gals' prerogative to go for pampering sessions such as facial treatments, spa retreats and manicure sessions to enhance their appearance. This has always been perceived as the social norm and is perfectly acceptable by all. However if roles were switched and our male couterparts patronise beauty parlours, be it to have their nails done or have their complexions smoothened through some demabrasion treatments, chances are people are not so receptive towards this metrosexuality trend. Well in my humble opinion I feel that guys should be given the liberty to groom themselves to look neat and proper but of course to a acceptable level so as not to appear overly vain or self conscious as I would think most gals prefer their men to be properly groomed but definitely not to the extreme of being too conscious of their looks. What's your say?
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• India
5 Feb 10
yes,,,,,,,,,,,,, they can also do it..............