Are u being jealous with success your friends ?

@siliguri (4224)
February 5, 2010 5:40am CST
I'm many times notice that many of the friends r being jealous with their friends. Frankly speaking i'm not despite of jealousing i m very happy with their success in his work. are u ?
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@Hazelrose (2185)
• Philippines
7 Feb 10
Hi siliguri,No,I'm not jealous, i'am always happy for my friends success.I know they work hard for it and they deserves success in life..Have a nice day!
@siliguri (4224)
• India
12 Feb 10
Thank you for your generous reply on it...
@Masmasika (1922)
• Philippines
6 Feb 10
I have no reason to get jealous at the success of other people. I am content with my simple life and the small achievements that I have so I am not jealous of the success of others.
@asanlee (408)
• Indonesia
5 Feb 10
Hallo...I think all of the people in this world like to compare with others... career, outlook, wealth, education, children, all these things will be compared between one and another, no matter you want it or not, unconciously you will be inside this kind of bad circulation. In comparison then it will happened to be...which is better, prettier, more money, more success, and it will create a certain emotion to yourself, maybe you'll be unhappy if you are not as good as him or whatever....I should say I am not jealous but I rather envy of what he has acchieved, and I hope I can be as good as him one day.....